Special Thanks
Special thanks to:

To my honey wife. I can't thank you enough for your support in all of my challenges, thank you so much to understand how important is all this things for me… I thank you for all of the wonderful moments that we shared together.

Family, specially mom
you always support me and never commit …

Shigeru Somemiya and Fernando Sawaguti
Thank you for supporting me to get the sponsors and do the best communication with them….
Thank you for your continued guidance. We make a great team and I am proud of the things we have built together.

Shinichi Nakagawa
Thank you for helping and giving me the best financial advices and for all of the newspaper and website articles about my last participation in Aras Madrid Dakar 2002

Tomomi and Shouta
Thank you for helping me in the team t-shirt's factory

Tate-san and Aco Graphis Associates Inc.,
Thank you for giving me the best advice for the team logo, OH+

Akemi Shiga ( Le Dakar Japan Office )
For your tireless efforts that make all the hard stuff go so smoothly

Thanks for all the hard work

Hiroaki Ishii-(Turbulence's owner) Thanks for always being there for us. From my first race you have been supporting me, thank you to Tepo-ron (dog) too

Ken Imaizumi
Thank you for the good moments in 1999 AustralianSafari. Thank you for crazy moments.

Yuji Mizuguchi
Thank you for the good moments in 1999 AustralianSafari for your humorous.

Mikijiro Tamura
Thank you for the good moments in 1995 RussianRally for leading me to turbulence.

Nobuyuki Oguri(OGUshow)
Thank you for all your support in 2001 UAE for gives me many advices.

Hiroyuki Takase(OGUshow)
Thank you for all advices about sponsors and for encourage me

Tsuyoshi Fukuzawa ( Absolute ) 
Thanks once again for all your support

Hideki Kakino
Thank you for all the crazy moments in the university and for your mechnical support in 1999 AustralianSafari

Ben & Sumiko
Thank you for your support in 1999 AustralianSafari and for the transportation to Narita Airport

Thank you for being the weght of my training.

Sato & Miki
Thank you for suppling the garage and pressured air.

Jun Mitsuhashi
Thank you for the best race advices and your support

Kouichi Missu
Thank you for the good moments in 1999 AustralianSafari and 2002 Aras Madrid Dakar and for your good race advices

Yoshiki Aoki
Thank you for the good technical support in 2000 UAE and 2001UAE

Koji Tsuchida
Thank you for the good moments in 2000 UAE, hope someday I can meet you in the dakar. I expect you to finish the Dakar.

Shouma Kasahara
Thank you for MX-wear and for the good moments in 2001 UAE

Terry Ohashi
Thank you for the good moments in 2001 UAE, hope someday we can ride together in Paris Dakar

Mr.Saito (CF Rapido)
Thank you for making nice parts for me in 1999 AustralianSafari.

Mr. Takase
Thank you for good advice about everything.

Noritaka Nagamochi (E&G InterNational)
Thank you for travel arrangement in many race.

Thanks everyone for ......
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